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For you, gaming is so much more than

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Find Hack For Your Mind

… Now, imagine advanced neurofeedback technology which supports your every move and gives you the perfect environment for the development…

neurofeedback technology

Breaking through technology which allows you to improve performance with no need to spending more time on training.


Stop Emotions

Stop emotions stopping you – use them for your advantage. Sharpen your attention and control your flow.



Synchronize with your inner self. Synchronize with your teammates and communicate without words.



Improve mental performance and understand yourself better. Listen to yourself and allow the technology to do the rest.

Why Choose BrainAttach?

BrainAttach differs from the competition by the strong focus on the data quality and cleanliness as well as on providing the robust recommendation algorithm which allows you to analyze even the most granular data.

Clinical-Grade Device

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BrainAttach Headband is the 8-channel personal EEG device that can be used in various ways – from the brain activity monitoring to enhancing your performance. With its #2048Hz sampling rate and intuitive interface, it is a class for itself. If you are looking for a product that exceeds the standards of personal EEG devices and gives you the ability for the real-time visualization of the high-resolution data, you just found it.


Clean Data

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The EEG data are famous for their complex nature and can be used in many ways – from the brain’s or muscle’s activation detection to the eye movement tracking. If it comes to the measurement, the cleanliness and the quality of the data are the key points. We had 12 years of deep analysis to understand and learn how to work with the EEG signal in order to get the highest quality – now we are proving this quality directly to you.


Cutting-Edge Algorithm

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Measuring emotions has been a huge challenge for scientists for decades, but in 2008 we achieved a breakthrough – we learned not only to show to measure them, but we also found a way how to use this knowledge in order to increase the performance. It is unique. Now, 12 years later we deliver polished methods with a dedicated device and software.

measure and improve performance

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One of the most common ways of using EEG is the performance measure. In order to give you the best possible feedback about your progress, we measure not only your attention, arousal, approach, and avoidance, but also – what makes Us unique – Flow. With this information, both – personal and professional users can focus their training and achieve better results.